Making Wheel Stops For Your Parking Lot

by Grace Motley

Wheel stops, or parking bumpers, are very beneficial to both drivers and owners of the property. For drivers, it helps guide vehicles into a spot without worry about how close or far your vehicle is from the one next to you. For property owners, it keeps drivers from driving into areas that you would rather they stay away from, therefore keeping them safe. Making your own wheel stops for your parking area is not very difficult. You will need a few days to complete the project.

Materials You Will Need Include:

  • A measuring tape
  • A table saw
  • Plywood
  • An electric screwdriver
  • Some screws
  • Reinforcing bars
  • A hacksaw
  • Prepackaged concrete
  • A wheelbarrow
  • Paint in a bright color
  • A paintbrush

Constructing A Mold

You will first want to make a mold in which you will be pouring concrete into. This is done by measuring your plywood and cutting with your table saw. You will need a tape measure to measure two longer pieces for the front and back of the wheel stop and two smaller pieces for the sides. Decide how long and wide you wish your parking bumpers to be and measure and cut according to your choice. Using your electric screwdriver and some screws, attach the pieces together forming a rectangular shape. Cut another piece of plywood to fit on the bottom of the mold and screw into place, as well.

Preparing The Concrete

Mix the concrete with water according to the package directions. You can do this inside the wheelbarrow. Only mix enough to fill about half of the mold. Pour the concrete inside the mold after it is mixed to the consistency needed. Using your hacksaw, cut one of the reinforcing bars so it is the proper length to fit inside the mold. Place it on top of the concrete you have already poured. Mix up another batch and pour on top of the reinforcing bar, filling the entire mold.

When the concrete has dried for the amount of time recommended on the packaging, remove from the mold. You will want the mold to cure the concrete for two days before painting.

Painting And Placing

After the wheel stop has been completely cured, it will be ready for paint. Paint the parking bumper with a bright colored paint so it is visible to drivers when they pull into your parking lot. Allow the paint to thoroughly dry and then place your wheel stop in the desired location. Repeat this process to make additional wheel stops.

If you prefer to have somebody else do the work, consider contacting a company such as Unit Step Company, for more information.