How To Save Money On Getting Your Specialty Glass Repaired Or Replaced

by Grace Motley

If you have custom-designed windows throughout your own home, taking great care for each piece is your number one priority. Unfortunately accidents happen. If your glass is broken or scratched due to a storm, vandalism, or other reason, getting it fixed for a reasonable price can be challenging. Because not all contractors work with certain types of specialty glass, such as patterned, etched, stained, frosted, gradient, and light diffusing—locating one that specializes in a particular glass type is an advantage to you. Here are a few ways to save money on getting your specialized glass repaired or replaced.

Independent Glass Contractor

If you have a custom glass piece that was specialty designed for your home, repair costs can be pricey. One way to save is to have the piece repaired by an independent glass contractor rather than a large glass company. For specialty glass, many glass companies will ship the piece out for repairs to try to match up the glass and craftsmanship when possible. Contacting the original glass maker if possible is recommended to get the best price quote.

Residential Glass Repair Specialist

Someone who specializes in glass repair may not save you as much as an independent contractor, but they may be competitive with their price quotes. Get a quote from an independent glass contractor, and then take it to a residential glass repair specialist. They may match the quote, especially if they frequently work with the type of glass that needs repairs.

Purchasing New Glass

If you have to purchase new glass to replace the entire window or piece, you may want to consider asking the glass company, like Port Orchard Glass, about specialty priced items. This could be window pieces that have a decorative film or inset that is not real glass or crystal. This allows you to save several dollars on replacement costs. Discontinued pieces can also be used as long as the pieces can be cut to the size and specifications of the old window.

Contractor Installation

Having a general contractor install a new window after you have purchased it may be able to save you on labor costs. If you're doing a large-scale construction project or remodel, you may be able to get the installation costs slashed in half. Speak with your contractor about installing your specialty glass and get a price quote to see where if there is a savings advantage.

Specialty glass itself can be pricey—but installation can also be costly. Finding just the right contractor and installer will help you get your window fixed or replaced as quickly as possible without putting a huge dent in your overall budget.