How To Replace Your Damaged Window Screen

by Grace Motley

Your torn window screen is starting to cause several problems for you. Flying insects, spiders, and even leaves are entering through your screen and dirtying your home. However, you either haven't had the time or the knowledge required to fix it. By following these steps, you can replace your window screen in no time at all.

Measure Your Screen and Gather Materials

Pull out your tape measure and measure the length and the height of your screen frame. With this information, you can head to your local home improvement store to purchase these materials:

  • Screen frame kit

  • Window spline

  • Spline roller or flat screwdriver

  • Screening

There are a few differences between screening materials, so make sure you choose a material that's ideal for your home. Once you have these items, remove your damaged screen from your window and set it aside.

Assemble Your New Screen Frame

The first step towards building your new screen is assembling its frame. Luckily, this will be a fairly simple task since you already have accurate measurements of your old screen.

Cut two lengths of framing equal to the height of your window and two more lengths equal to the length of your window. To ensure that you cut these pieces evenly, you can cut each set at the same time by placing them on a flat surface, clamping them together, and cutting them with a hacksaw or electric saw.

Once you have your four measured lengths of framing, connect them by inserting a frame corner into the ends of your framing. Attach the next piece of framing to the second protruding tab on your frame corner and repeat the process until your frame is complete.

Some screens require tension springs to stay in place along the outside of a window. If your damaged screen has a small, metal spring sticking out of the framing, then you can pull apart your damaged screen and install the tension spring into your new frame by sliding it into the corresponding corner on your new frame.

Roll Your Screening and Press Your Spline

With your frame assembled, you can finally roll your new screening over your frame. Make sure that the screening extends past all sides of your frame before cutting it from the roll. If it doesn't, then you may need to purchase a larger screening roll.

If your screening roll is an appropriate size for your frame, then roll it over your frame and cut it. To secure the screening over your frame, place spline into the grooves of your frame and firmly press the spline into the grooves with either a spline roller or a flat screwdriver.

Now that you've assembled your new frame and pressed your spline, you're ready to install your new screen over your window. If you measured correctly, your new screen will fit perfectly over your window and prevent pests and debris from entering your home.

If your new screen doesn't fit perfectly over your window, then you may have measured your window incorrectly. In such a case, your best option is to contact a professional company that specializes in window screen repair to create and install a new screen for you to avoid making the same mistake with a new frame.