Choosing The Most Effective Fence For Your Landscape

by Grace Motley

When it comes to fencing to compliment your landscape, you have many different options from which to choose. Chain link and tall wooden privacy fences are amongst some of the most popular in modern landscape design. However, by straying away from the familiar and common designs, you could create a property border that completely changes the exterior appeal of your home. Here are a few types of fencing to consider and what landscape ideas will complement them the best.

Pairing Stone Fencing With Your Landscape Ideas

For many years, stone fences were used in areas where rock was available in abundance, such as in Ireland or Britain. If you are looking for a traditional touch for your property border, bringing the stone fence style back to life is a great option. These can be created with more modern materials, such as synthetic rock or brick, but still provide one of the most dramatic appearances for the landscape and durability that is hard to beat.

Stone fences work well in landscapes that have an abundance of floral components, such as flowering shrubs, rosebushes, or other large scale flowering plants. They convey the impression of old-world style gardens and can dramatically change the overall appeal of your landscape design.

The Right Landscape Features for Wrought Iron Fences

In recent years, wrought iron has become obsolete simply because of the availability of new construction materials. Iron fencing first made an appearance in England around 1710, where it was installed around the perimeter of the St. Paul's Cathedral. Iron can now be shaped, formed, and molded into various styles and therefore, some of the most unique fencing styles can be created with this material.

Iron fences complement landscape designs that are filled with greenery and offer a more distinguished or demure appeal. Iron pairs well with evergreen shrubs and hedges and can create a gorgeous backdrop for climbing vine plants, such as breeds of ivy or flowering clematis.

Reclaimed Fencing For Rustic Landscapes

A growing trend in landscaping is creating a weathered look. A fence is key to making this happen. Reclaimed barn wood and even wood from other old fences make a lovely, rustic backdrop for western, desert, or wilderness style landscapes. If you have a lot of evergreens, wildflowers, or dusty roads, a reclaimed wooden fence would be the best addition. 

If the exterior look of your property is important to you, you must be sure to consider every unique angle you can take when it comes to design. By paying special attention to the landscape perimeters in the form of fencing, you will be taking a huge step in the right direction. Consult a professional landscaper, like EZ Landscaping, for more information on decorative fencing for your design scheme.