3 Common Sprinkler Problems And What You Should Do To Correct It

by Grace Motley

Automatic sprinkler systems are the best thing for your yard. They can be put on a timer and can keep your yard looking green and nice without you even having to worry about turning them on or off. However, that doesn't mean that your sprinklers don't need maintenance. It is normal for the sprinklers to have problems now and then. Here are 3 common problems that you might encounter.

1. Low Head Drainage

One of the most common problems that people have is a low head drainage problem. In this instance, the water accumulates at the lowest sprinkler head in the lawn and can cause the water to build up even when the water has been turned off.

If you have this problem you will notice that after you complete the cycle, one sprinkler, usually the lowest on the yard, will leak for a couple minutes afterward. Then it will stop. This simply means that all of the water is piling up in the area.

This is not necessarily a simple fix, which is why it is important that you get your sprinklers installed correctly in the beginning. You should make sure that your yard is as level as possible before you install the system. If that is not possible you should be adding drain check valves to the sprinkler head that is lowest in the area. This will help solve the problem.

2. Leaky Control Valve

Much like low head drainage, you will notice that a sprinkler head continues to leak after it has been turned off. Except for the in the case of the leaky control valve, it will continue to leak for a long period of time after it has been turned off. This is because the valve does not stop the water from flowing.

This can simply be corrected by replacing the valve on the individual sprinkler head. If you are unsure if it is a leaky control valve or low head drainage, go out and check the sprinkler some time after the water has been turned off. If there is still water, it is probably a control valve.

3. Broken Sprinkler Head

Broken sprinkler heads are not uncommon. These are one of the easiest problems to detect since the head will cause the water to shoot up like a fountain. The broken sprinkler head will cause the area around the sprinkler to flood so that you have a great deal of water.

If you notice this problem, you should immediately turn off the water and fix the head. Otherwise you could use way too much water and flood your yard.

If ever you are unsure about what you should do for a sprinkler problem, talk to a professional today, and they can take care of any problems or new sprinkler installations.