Behind-The-Scenes Dangers Of Hard-To-Find Plumbing Leaks

by Grace Motley

There are some plumbing issues that are obvious, such as a clogged toilet or disposal. However, you can't see all of your plumbing, which means you have to know how to detect leaks in other ways. Leaks only get worse as time goes by, so it is important that you understand how to detect these hard-to-find leaks. Read on to learn more.

1. Your Water Bill May Increase.

You may have no idea that you have a plumbing leak, but if you constantly keep an eye on your water bill from month to month, you may be able to quickly detect a problem. If your water bill increases for unknown reasons, then there is a very high probability that you have a leak somewhere within your home. A call to a local plumber is necessary.

2. Wet Spots May Show Up.

Always keep an eye on areas where leaks are common. This includes near the toilet, the bathtub/shower, sinks, etc. If there is a leak, you are going to notice a discolored area or a wet spot. A quick visual inspection once a week or so can go a long way in detecting leaks early and having the problem fixed before too much damage-- if any-- occurs.

3. Mold And Mildew May Begin To Grow.

Because damp spots are the first sign of a water leak, it is crucial to watch out for these. This is because the sooner you can have these problems addressed, the less likely you will have to deal with the growth of mold and mildew in the near future. You will know if it is mold because it will emit a musty odor. If you are uncertain, you can always have a professional come take a look.

4. Your Home's Foundation May Begin to Crack.

Although your house is going to settle after several years from its build date, you may notice cracks in the foundation that don't necessarily add up to the settling of your home. In fact, foundation cracks may occur from a water leak. When a pipe is leaking, water continues to seep into your foundation, which will weaken your home's structure. This eventually leads to cracks in interior walls and the foundation of your home.

If you would like to learn more about hidden dangers of plumbing leaks or what you can do to help prevent water leaks, go to If you see any of the aforementioned signs, it is imperative that you contact a plumber immediately to have the problem repaired to avoid serious damage.