3 Helpful Furnace Hints For Homeowners

by Grace Motley

Are you a new homeowner who isn't so knowledgable about home maintenance issues? If so, this guide will let you know a few key things that even the novice can do and remember. In no other area of the home is this more critical than your HVAC system. HVAC system repairs and maintenance will help you remain warm throughout even the bitterest winters. With the holidays approaching, make sure that you consider these tips, so that your furnaces remain in working order for as long as you use them. 

#1: Changer Your Furnace Filter When Needed

Your furnace has air filters that weed out debris and dirt. When the filter becomes dirty and congested, it will obstruct your overall airflow and make it harder to heat your home. If your filter is clean and working properly, you will notice that your bills remain reasonable, along with your quality of air. 

If you have thin, 1-inch filters in your furnace, change those every single month. If your furnace uses 4-inch filters, you should change them once every 6 months. 

#2: Get A Professional Furnace Inspection Seasonally

If you wait until your furnace has broken down in December to call a professional, you might be dealing with a waiting list. Waiting for winter to get furnace maintenance and repair is like waiting for Black Friday to start shopping. For best results, have a licensed and insured HVAC systems repairs professional out to your home in the late summer or early fall. This way, you can get any issues with the furnace settled before cold weather arrives and avoid waiting in any large lines for essential furnace repair. 

#3: Lower The Temperature When You Sleep

The more you work your HVAC system, the more energy it will burn. Further, you decrease its longevity, since it can become overworked and begin to malfunction. You can take away some of the workload every single day by turning down the thermostat a good 5 degrees when you go to sleep at night. Since you are under the covers, you have less of a need for heat than when you are up and about. This can lower your energy bills tremendously and keep the system working for a longer period of time. 

By following these three simple, straight forward steps, you can get more out of your furnace over the long haul. If you have any more extensive HVAC needs, touch base with a licensed and insured technician like Allied Air Conditioning & Heating Corp today.