Bathroom Design Tips To Keep Your Bathroom Germ-Free

by Grace Motley

Given the activities that take place in your home's bathroom, you probably don't necessarily think of the space as the cleanest area in your home. However, you might be shocked to find that your bathroom can actually harbor dangerous bacteria, including those that causes illness, such as E.coli. Cleaning your bathroom on a regular basis is important to eliminating these germs, but the design of your bathroom can also play a key role.

Change your Countertops

The type of countertops that you have installed in your bathroom could actually be a contributor to your germ problems. It's pretty safe to assume that nearly every person that enters your bathroom will come in contact with the counter. If they have any bacteria on their hands, it can embed itself within the countertop. This is especially true if you have a porous material, such as marble, granite, or concrete installed.

Porous materials have tiny holes that allow bacteria to penetrate deep within their surface.

While some bacteria are short-lived, some can remain alive and active within your countertop for a considerable time. When the bacteria is active, any person that comes in contact with the countertop is at risk. Consider upgrading your bathroom countertops to a non-porous material. These surfaces are smooth and don't have holes, preventing the bacteria from embedding into the material. Laminate and quartz are just two non-porous options.

Go Touch-less

Germs are most commonly spread through contact, particularly touch. The less surfaces that you have to touch, the smaller the risk of spreading germs. When it comes to illness inducing bacteria, this is key to better health. Touch-less technology is highly popular in commercial bathrooms, but it can also be of benefit in your home bathroom. Consider upgrading your faucet and toilet to touch-less units. Touch-less bathroom additions use infrared sensor technology that works to automatically turn on the water or flush the toilet.

Not having to touch these surfaces can keep your family safer. Additionally, if you have smaller children in the home, having a touch-less faucet can make it easier for them to wash their hands since they don't have to worry about reaching the knobs. In addition to reducing the spread of germs, these features can also help you cut down on water waste.

Upgrading your bathroom, like with Two by Four Construction LLC, to include germ-reducing features is important to the health and safety of your family. Make sure your family is protected and keep your bathroom as germ-free as possible.