7 Unused Items To Organize Your Garage With

by Grace Motley

Organizing your garage is more easily said than done. The first step you can take to organize your garage is giving everything a home, not pushing it into a container never to be seen again. Below are seven items that you may not be using for anything else that you can use for handy garage organization.

Shower Curtain Rings

As you change the décor of your bathroom, you may have tons of old shower curtain rings in various shapes and colors. Depending on the size and shape of the rings, you may be able to thread washers and bolts through them. This keeps them neatly organized and in one location.

Old Large Television

Who said your old television is junk simply because you can't view HD with it? Take the back off and use your old television to store items in. Keep the back of the set facing the wall. This way, if you ever leave your garage door open, your valuables are not sitting out in plain sight. It's the same concept of storing money in the bible. What thief would think to check it if they are robbing your house?

Rusted Muffin Tins

Once a muffin tin is rusted, there isn't a need for it in the kitchen any longer. However, you can bring the rust out to the garage where it belongs. Muffin tins are excellent storage containers for nails, screws, nuts, and bolts. If you're worried the rust will spread, simply line the cup with parchment paper or paper muffin cups. You can use masking tape to label each cup with the item's size.

Old Food Containers

Instead of tossing your old food containers, store them in a bin to use when the time is right. Plastic containers with a lid are especially handy to have so sharp objects can't fall over the floor. And, unlike glass jars, they won't break upon impact with the floor.

Paper Towel Holder

Do you ever get tired of sifting through boxes trying to find your large garbage bags? Well, take the roll and place it on a paper towel holder. If you don't have an extra one lying around the house, simply grab one at your local dollar store.

Hanging Shoe Rack

You hear about the many uses of hanging shoe racks in the home, such as storing beauty products or jewelry. However, you can use a shoe rack in the garage to store:

  • Garden shoes
  • Garden shears
  • Detached cords for your tools
  • Hammers, screwdrivers, and wrenches
  • Container with nails
  • Cleaning towels

Laundry Hampers

You may have laundry hampers or laundry bags that start to rip. There is no reason to throw those away. Store the kid's sports items such as basketballs, baseballs, and hockey sticks in them to keep them organized and out of your driving path.

These seven items you may have lying around your home will help you organize your garage. Take them out to the garage today to see what other items you can store in them. If your garage door needs looked at, contact a specialist like Raynor Door Company.