2 Things You Should Do After Discovering That Your House Contains Chinese Drywall

by Grace Motley

According to Today's Homeowner, it is estimated that Chinese drywall was installed in 50,000 to 100,000 homes. A lot of people report that they smell a "rotten egg" smell from the drywall, and this is often what causes people to begin investigating the problem. The problem with Chinese drywall is that it contains toxic materials that can make you sick, such as high levels of sulfur. It not only causes health problems, but it can also cause damage to your home's plumbing and electrical systems. You can have your drywall tested to find out if it is toxic; if the results come back positive, here are two things you will need to do:

Contact a Lawyer

Nolo reports that courts have rewarded $2.6 million to homeowners affected by this. This has come through class action lawsuits and individual suits, and you may be able to sue the manufacturer or distributor of the drywall. Your lawyer will want to know:

  • If the drywall was tested – You will need to produce reports that prove that you have contaminated Chinese drywall.
  • The symptoms you are experiencing – Common symptoms you may experience from Chinese drywall include chronic coughing, congestion, sore throats, and asthma attacks.

You may be able to join a class action lawsuit with other people affected by this, or your lawyer might create a new case. If you file a lawsuit, you should expect it to take time. Your lawyer will have to research the case to find out who to sue, and suing a Chinese manufacturer is not the easiest task to accomplish.

Hire Contractors to Fix the Problems

The only way to fix this problem is to tear out all of the drywall in the home and replace it, but this might not be the only necessary step you will need to take. You may also need to hire an:

  • Electrician – to fix any damage done to the wiring in the house
  • Plumber – to fix any damage to the internal plumbing system

Contact a group like Mustang Builders Inc. for more information.

While this is not a pleasant experience to go through, it will be necessary. If you continue living in the house with this drywall, the problems will only get worse. During the renovations, you may need to move out of your house temporarily.

One of the worst parts of this is that you may have to pay for all of the work needed to fix these problems. If you hire a lawyer and can sue for the damages, you might be able to recover all of your losses.